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Reimbursement and Coverage

For HCPs / Reimbursement and Coverage

Patients may avail of CHEMOSAT in one of our 22 authorised centres throughout Europe.

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Access to treatment will depend on whether CHEMOSAT is covered through a reimbursement code by a national payer or by private health insurance. Patients can also opt to self-pay if other options are unsuccessful.

Private health insurance

Private patients should apply to their private health insurer provider to enquire about accessing funding towards CHEMOSAT. To access CHEMOSAT privately, the patient's medical oncologist will need to send a referral letter to the treating centre, documenting the medical condition, as well as providing a history of recent scans, histology and previous treatments provided.


If the patient's national payer or private health insurance does not support CHEMOSAT, patients have the option of self-pay. Patients can ask their medical oncologist to send a referral letter to an authorised CHEMOSAT centre for review by the treating team. In this instance the cost of the treatment must be fully supported by the patient.

For country specific details, please see below


In Germany, CHEMOSAT is funded through a combination of a diagnostic related group (DRG) code and an additional fee under the Zusatzentgelt (ZE). This funding permits hospitals in Germany to obtain reimbursement for CHEMOSAT procedures (in effect since 2016).

United Kingdom

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has updated its guidance for the use of CHEMOSAT in the treatment of patients with metastaic uveal melanoma. Under the revised NICE guidance (changed from a research-only designation), CHEMOSAT has been categorised under a Special Arrangements designation. Under this designation, the number of private health insurance companies funding CHEMOSAT should increase, and some regional funding may be more accessible.