How Does the Technology Work?

The CHEMOSAT® system enables doctors to administer a chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) directly to the liver using 3 key steps: isolation, saturation, and filtration.

  1. 1. Isolation

    Isolation illustration

    To isolate the liver, an Isofuse® Isolation Aspiration Catheter (double balloon) is placed in the inferior vena cava. When the balloons of this catheter are inflated, the liver’s blood flow is isolated from the circulation through the rest of the body.

  2. 2. Saturation

    Saturation Illustration

    A second catheter, the Chemofuse® Chemo Delivery Catheter, is placed in the hepatic artery and a chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) is injected directly into the patient’s liver.

  3. 3. Filtration

    Filtration Illustration

    Blood is drained from the liver via the Isofuse® catheter, and collected for filtration outside of the body. The filtration process reduces toxicity levels of the chemotherapeutic agent in the blood before returning the blood to the body via a blood return catheter.

After completing this 3-step process, the balloons on the Isofuse® Catheter are deflated and all catheters are removed.

CHEMOSAT® has shown promise in clinical trials in patients with liver cancer.