CHEMOSAT® is a platform for the administration of chemosaturation therapy to the liver. The novel system delivers a chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) directly to the liver using a procedure known as percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP). The system uses catheters placed to isolate the liver’s blood flow from the rest of the body and proprietary filters to reduce the concentration of the chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) after it leaves the target organ. With CHEMOSAT®, doctors can administer concentrated doses of a chemotherapeutic agent while limiting chemotherapy-related toxicities at a manageable level. A CHEMOSAT® procedure is minimally-invasive and can be repeated.

Cancer in the liver can be primary (originating in the liver) or metastatic (cancer that has spread from another tissue or organ to the liver). For patients who have cancer in the liver, current options for treatment include chemotherapy that is delivered through the patient’s whole body (systemic chemotherapy), surgery, or loco regional therapies, such as ablation, embolisation, or radiation therapy.

The CHEMOSAT® system may complement these current treatment strategies, offering hope for patients who may otherwise have limited treatment options. Because the liver is isolated from the systemic circulation, higher doses of chemotherapy can be delivered—possibly improving outcomes—while limiting systemic toxicities to manageable levels.

CHEMOSAT® offers the advantages of being minimally invasive and repeatable. This technology has the potential for broad application in the treatment of cancers that have metastasised to the liver.

How Does CHEMOSAT® Work?

The CHEMOSAT® system enables doctors to deliver a chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) directly to the liver via a 3-step process: isolation, saturation, and filtration.

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Clinical Trials

Our clinical trial programme for the CHEMOSAT® Hepatic Delivery System includes the FOCUS clinical trial, a global Phase III trial for patients with hepatic-dominant ocular melanoma (OM). Delcath has also recently announced a new pivotal phase III trial to treat patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC). Additionally, Delcath is collecting data through our patient registry in Europe.

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Indications for Use

The Delcath Hepatic CHEMOSAT® Delivery System is used for percutaneous intra-arterial administration of a chemotherapeutic agent (melphalan hydrochloride) to the liver with subsequent extracorporeal filtration of the regional (hepatic) venous blood, lowering the concentration of a chemotherapeutic agent in the blood before returning it to the systemic venous circulation.